About Us

We help eco-friendly business owners, farmers, and green loving entrepreneurs for building a highly sustainable product line with our natural jute products, geo-textile, and packaging to sell with ease and build a sustainable and scalable business.

How we impact thousands of people's life

How we help Jute Industry from "SHUT DOWN" to a "SUCCESSFUL " Industry, helping thousands of people to build a life and job they love.


Adamjee Jute Mills Ltd  – A never forgotten City 

Adamjee Jute Mills Ltd in Bangladesh was one of the biggest jute industries in the world. Thousands of people worked there and contributed to the revenue of the country. In the Early 80s plastic took the place of natural, Eco-friendly, and biodegradable jute products. Very slowly the world’s largest jute mill starts losing its revenue. Finally, it was locked down in the early 2002. Sorrows and depression were all over the city of Adamajee

MGK Eco Traders – Bringing back people’s happiness -2021

We discovered how to safeguard the people’s job security by reviving the jute industry again. We are constantly empowering them, promoting a better life for them. We hope that you choose our biodegradable burlap bags to help the less privileged people working in Bangladesh.

Our Commitment to you

Carefully curated Products

We carefully curate our collections to offer you a much easier way to find the products that match your specific needs, interests, and tastes.

Unique product range

We offer you a range of jute bags and products from net bags to heavy duty Tote bags and Gift bags to full your daily needs and give you an easy shopping experience.

No Harmful Chemical added

Our products do not contain any chemicals that may cause harm to your health. You will not find any ingredients in our jute products that are on this list of Harmful Chemicals.

Diverse size range

We offer a diverse size range of Jute bags and packaging materials to satisfy your needs.


Jute is ethically and sustainably farmed by our suppliers so that you can be confident of the positive impact of the product on the Environment.

Easy return policy

we offer 30 days money-back guarantee to any customer.

What we offer to you:

We offer unique Eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable, reusable, sustainable jute shopping bags and packaging materials.

Jute is not only a product.

When you buy jute products we bring to you:

✨ A sustainable lifestyle.

✨ A green and healthy life.

✨ A green profitable business you love.

 We want to help  that.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world. "– Mahatma Gandhi

Would you step up?

In our world, there are so many people struggling and suffering for a better life. Do you want to feel happy each day by helping the less privileged people?

By Buying our Jute Products You can

✨ Make a positive impact on them.

✨ Touch thousands of lives.

✨ Change the world for better.


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